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Make invesment and trading decisions based on data. We provide backtesting results of simple to advanced trading strategies. You will see the financial markets in a completely new perspective.

Datatrader Markets

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Trading Strategies

Wide Range of Trading Strategies

We provide backtest results for a wide range of trading strategies. From classic strategies like MACD, RSI and Bollinger Bands to advanced strategies like ARIMA. We also have basket strategies like RSI with Bollinger Bands.

If you have a favourite strategy that is missing, let us know. We will build it for you if it is a good one.


Comprehensive Backtest Results

Our backtest results are clear and comprehensive. You will find all the buy and sell points, cumulative returns over time, rolling Sharpe ratio over time and drawdown chart.

Get a maximum understanding of how different trading strategies work on different instruments before you commit.

Datatrader Markets

Global Market Coverage

We backtest all top counters from all key global markets. Our coverage includes NYSE, LSE, Deutsche Borse, HKSE, SGX, KLSE, Foreign Exchange (FX), Crypto-currencies and growing.

Advantages of Trading with Data


Machines provides consistent results. Consistency makes backtesting results accurate. When trading, you need consistency to bring in consistent profits.


Data does not lie. Make objective decisions based on facts, not gut feel. Trade with your head, not your heart.


Data can provide insights to a market beyond what traditional analysis can see. Get a comprehensive view of the market before you commit.

Trading Strategies


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